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ROYAL HENNA - ' HENNA ' based Hair Color.
    Royal Henna is ' Henna ' based Hair Dye in Powder form.
  • It is a unique Hair Coloring product enriched with ' Natural Henna ' as its key Ingredients.
  • Henna powder constitutes nearly 60% of the total content.
  • Best quality of Henna leaves are plucked from specially cultivated fields and grinded so that the final base of our product. i.e. the Henna powder is of excellent quality.
  • The use of Royal Henna not only color your hair (with desired color) but also deeply nourishes your hair with all the ' goodness ' of Natural Henna.
  • It is packed in ready to use powder form with just water to be added to it.

    The strong base of Natural Henna in our product makes it more safe to use as compared to other 100% chemical based hair color which leads to rapid graying of hair and stimulates hair fall because of strong chemical base.

Royal Henna
Royal Silk Premium Henna
Royal Pure Herbal Henna
Quality Assurance is our creed. At Topline high standards of quality are maintained at every level from purchase of raw material, through every stage of product manufacture. Rigid quality control is ensured through regular batch testing.

"I was very impressed by ROYAL HENNA Hair Color products and Its a totally organic hair product. It's 100% ammonia and parabens free. - Rihaana , Dubai - UAE

"I started using Royal Henna Black Hair Color about a year ago, and I was very pleased with the overall color and condition it left my hair in. The big attraction for me was finding a hair color product that actually worked but had no ammonia and its a Henna based Natural Hair Color. - Caroline , Frankfurt
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