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Royal Henna
With all the Goodness of Natural Henna...

Royal Henna ( Hair Dye ) is Henna based Powder Hair Dye which is packed in powder form and is ready to use with just addition of water.

The advantage of using Royal Henna as compared to other 100% chemical based Hair Color is that in Royal Henna the base of main ingredient is that of Natural and Herbal Henna which accounts for more than 60% of the total content.
Useful Information :
  • For best result, use the full pack.
  • Follow the detailed instructions given in the enclosed leaflet.
  • Always perform the sensitivity atleast 24 hours in advance.

  • Packing
    Sachet - 10 gm. Box with 6 Sachets
    10 Boxes Pack

    ( Each box 6 sachets )
    Export Master Carton

    100 x 6 Sachets (600 sachets)